sail the andaman islands in India, Burma and thailand
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 Sail the Andaman Sea

Sail on Emerald Blue

Emerald Blue is a modern 48ft  S&S Classic designed by arguably the worlds most famous yacht designer Olin Stephens. She is strong, seaworthy, fast and beautiful.

She can carry up to 5 sails on her ketch rig, yet easy to steer and handle, many novices who have sailed her have become enthusiastic sailors.

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Charters & destinations
the Andaman Sea: one of the world's most beautiful and varied cruising grounds. Thousands of islands, bays and lagoons, with crystal clear water, fabulous coral and white sandy beaches, framed with tall coconut palms, within a few hours sailing.

Sailing on Emerald Blue to the beautiful Andaman Islands is an experience you will never forget.
Or you can choose to discover the remote Mergui Archipelago in Burma. These cruises are only possible a few months of the year from January to April. Our voyages to Indonesia are from March to October.

Closer to Phuket, you have the opportunity to sail to the South in Malaysia with lovely Langkawi, a duty free island, ideal for a few days cruising.

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andaman islands on yacht emerald blue

The Captain & the yacht

Nick Band is a man of the sea. He spent his early childhood sailing with his father off the coast of Dominica in the Caribbean. He bought his first “ocean going” boat, a 20 footer in the Seychelles and with his new wife Marilyn, sailed to Africa.
For the last 30 years, from their base in Phuket, the couple have sailed the Indian Ocean between Africa and S.E.Asia., Nick at the helm and Marilyn with pencils and paints drawing the life of the various Islands and people they encounter. His livelihood from the sea has included running charters but also searching for sunken treasure.
In 1983 he was a part of the team that found and salvaged the famous “Nangking Cargo” Chinese porcelain and gold, from the South China Sea.

Emerald Blue was bought in Florida and Nick sailed back to Thailand in 5 months, via the Atlantic, the Med and the Indian Ocean. Since then they have logged about 180,000 miles, mostly with guests, Two 6 month “safaris” around the Indian Ocean to Zanzibar and back , and many trips to Bali, Burma, Malaysia, and now the Andaman Islands, visiting all the favorite Islands and anchorages and always exploring for new ones.
In 2015 Emerald Blue sailed 7000 miles through Indonesia to Raja Ampat  fabulous pristine  paradise for divers and snorkellers and back via the Banda sea, Flores and Bali.


When to sail  
Starting in November the northeast monsoon, dry season prevails insuring steady and pleasant sailing conditions with maximum strength winds of force 5 to 6 Beaufort scale in January, gradually decreasing during March and dying away by April.
May to September brings the Southwest monsoon or rainy season. At this time there are long periods of fine sunny weather with good breeze, but there are also periods of unsettled weather with rain and sometimes rain squalls with strong gusts.

Temperatures are between 80F /30C and 70F/24C

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