sail the andaman islands in India, Burma and thailand
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Andaman Islands - itinerary

Welcome to our itinerary page, where you can find details about our trip from Phuket in Thailand to the beautiful Andaman Islands with Google Earth or Google Map.

There are three options:
*15 days
For those who want the experience of offshore sailing, join Emerald Blue in Phuket and sail to The Andamans, cruise the Islands for a week and sail back to Phuket.

*11 days
Sail one way with a 7 day cruise in the Andamans. Fly in to Port Blair.

*Cruise the Islands
( Minimum 7days)

Details of Itineraries: 15 days
Phuket – Andamans- Phuket
After completing customs and immigration formalities.

Day 1
Depart Phuket
2.5 to 3 days
sailing to Port Blair, Andaman Islands..
Day 4
Arrive Port Blair, check in.
Day 5
In Port Blair. Skipper and agent deal with permits etc.
Guests can visit Ross Island which is fascinating, and other points of local interest.
Day 6
Sail to Havelock Island.
Day 7
Early morning trip across Havelock by Tuk tuk to the fishing village.
Sail to Passage Island.
Day 8
Sail to middle Button Island , snorkeling and lunch.
Afternoon to North Button island for the night.
Day 9
To Inglis Island for lunch and snorkeling. Afternoon to Henry Lawrence Island.
Day 10
To Neil Island.
Day 11
Sail to Port Blair. Port clearance etc.
Day 12
Depart Port Blair. Set Sail for Phuket.
Day 13-14
At Sea
Day 15
Arrive in Phuket

on Google map clilck on the following link to locate the Andaman Islands:

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